Rasmus Fonseca

Data Mining | Structural Biology | Optimization


Framework for modeling the conformational flexibility of macromolecules using robotics theory.
GPL3 license, C++
Protein Geometric Algorithm Library. A Java library with algorithms and data structures for analyzing and representing protein structures.
Apache-2.0 license, Java 1.6
Define a regex-like pattern and efficiently search through biological sequences.
GPL2 license, C++
A C++ application for finding optimal Euclidean Steiner trees in any dimension.
GPL2 license, C++
Small C++ application that performs k-medoids and k-centers clustering of protein/RNA/DNA PDB-files using Partitioning Around Medoids (PAM) and the dRMSD metric.
Apache-2.0 license, C++
Visual hardware simulator for a machine architecture class. Suitable companion for the book "Computer Organization and Design".
GPL3 license, Java
Library for displaying matrices of real values. Encodes magnitude of entries as circle radius and value as colors.
MIT license, JavaScript
Small library for embedding a slider that allows the user to select an integer range and press a play button.
Apache-2.0 license, JavaScript


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