Implementation finding the cartesian coordinates of a regular n-simplex

Follows this description on wikipedia. Constructs a simplex with the specified corner-points. Assumes Simplex and Point-classes exist.
public static Simplex createRegularSimplex(int d){
    double angle = -1.0/d;
    Point[] ret = new Point[d+1];
    for(int s=0;s<d+1;s++) ret[s] = new Point(new double[d]);
    double tmp = 0;
    for(int i=0;i<d;i++){
        double nCoord = Math.sqrt(1-tmp); 
        ret[i].setCoord(i, nCoord);
        double rCoord = (angle - tmp)/nCoord;

        for(int s=i+1;s<d+1;s++)
            ret[s].setCoord(i, rCoord);
        tmp += rCoord*rCoord;
    return new Simplex(ret);